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Audible Bleeding

Oct 27, 2021

Vascular Surgery Origins is a podcast series that explores the fun and engaging stories that shaped vascular surgery. 

In today’s episode we will explore the search for the ‘spark of life’ to reanimate man, and how it inspired innovative arterial anastomosis techniques and frankensteinian operations. Specifically,...

Oct 17, 2021

We are excited to introduce the first episode of our new series, Vascular Surgery History. This podcast series will explore the fun and engaging stories that shaped vascular surgery.


Today’s episode will focus on early vascular surgeons, including Dr. Robert Liston, John Hunter, Lambert Hallowell, and Astley Cooper...

Oct 10, 2021

Dr. Gregorio Sicard is Professor Emeritus of Surgery and Emeritus Chief of Vascular Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. He trained in general surgery at the Barnes Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine, and completed the first Transplantation Fellowship there. He eventually...

Oct 5, 2021

In this episode of our monthly JVS series, Farooq, Ajay, and Yasong discuss the latest Editor’s Choice articles with the Senior Editor, Dr. Peter Lawrence