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Audible Bleeding

May 13, 2020

May, 13th, 2020

Dr. Sam Money joins us to discuss the importance of ergonomics in vascular surgery. Dr. Money completed his surgical residency at SUNY Downstate and trained in vascular surgery at the Ochsner clinic in New Orleans. He remained at Ochsner Clinic for 15 years where he rose through the ranks to be Division Head of Vascular Surgery. He then moved to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona where he served as professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery. Currently, he serves as chair of Surgery and associate medical director for surgery at Ochsner Medical institutions. He has served in numerous leadership positions including presidency of the society for clinical vascular surgery, the southern association of vascular surgery and the vascular and endovascular society. 

Articles from this episode:

Impact of procedure type and equipment on surgeon discomfort:


Wearable devices to measure ergonomic risks:


Ergonomic issues in Vascular Surgery:


Survey of Ergonomic Injuries (male sex and long case time in surgical oncology):


Randomized ergonomics study:


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