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Audible Bleeding

Nov 8, 2018

Dr. Frank Veith, a pioneer in vascular surgery, takes a few minutes out of his busy schedule preparing for the Veith Symposium to talk about limb salvage, his philosophy of vascular surgery and climbing mountains--both figuratively and literally!


(0:22) Dr. Frank Veith Biography


(7:01) One of Dr. Veith’s first publications in limb salvage -


(7:30) More about Charles Theodore Dotter, MD and Dotter Angioplasty


(11:53) More about Anthony Imparato, MD


(12:52) Winston Churchill, 'Never Give In' Speech


(15:24) John A. Mannick, MD Presidential Address - “Vascular Surgeons - Are they for Sale?”


(22:58) Veith Symposium 2018 Program Schedule


(23:47) Veith Symposium Recording Archives


(26:54) Free Solo


(27:36) The Half Dome


(29:15) Frank Veith, MD - A look at the future of vascular surgery


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