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Audible Bleeding

Sep 8, 2021

#VAM21 Highlight, Part 4 - Jason Lee and VESS, Bernadette Aulivola and Cassius Ochoa Chaar on Outreach, and Max Wohlauer on Occupational Hazard in Vascular Surgery

Directly from the Vascular Annual Meeting in 2021 in San Diego, here’s a taste of some of the great things that are happening at this year’s VAM.  Hear perspectives from some first-time VAM attendees, as well as speakers, moderators, and other leaders in the field.  

In this episode, we hear three different interviews with four different guests.  We covered the Vascular and Endovascular Surgical Society with Dr. Jason Lee, Resident and Student Programming with Dr. Bernadette Aulivola and Dr. Cassius Ochoa Chaar, and occupational hazards for vascular surgeons with Dr. Max Wohlauer.  Stay tuned for followup episodes on these and other topics from VAM!

Show Guests:

Host Introductions: 

  • Dr. Matt Chia (@chia_md) is in his 6th year in the integrated vascular surgery program at Northwestern University. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and also holds a Master’s in Health Services and Outcomes Research from Northwestern. 

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