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Audible Bleeding

Oct 27, 2021

Vascular Surgery Origins is a podcast series that explores the fun and engaging stories that shaped vascular surgery. 

In today’s episode we will explore the search for the ‘spark of life’ to reanimate man, and how it inspired innovative arterial anastomosis techniques and frankensteinian operations. Specifically, I’ll talk about our understanding of circulation from Greeks and Galen to our modern knowledge brought to us by William Harvey, as well as other electrifying attempts at reanimation. Hear how Robert Abbe proved vascular circulation was critical for limb-replantation and how his friendship with a novelist inspired the future father of vascular surgery Alexis Carrel.  Finally, I will explore how Drs. Carrel and Guthrie mastered arterial- anastomosis and opened the floodgates to major arterial repair, limb-replantation and organ transplantation, even if some of their experiments seem a little frankensteinian.

Host:  Marlene (@GarciaNeuer ) is a 4th year medical student at THE Ohio State College of Medicine.

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Author: Marlene Garcia-Neuer

Editor: Yasong Yu

Reviewers: Sharif Ellozy and Adam Johnson